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Listen to "Not In My Name" (2016 Premier)

1. TenebraeDayton Philharmonic Orchestra
00:00 / 09:50
2. AenigmataDayton Philharmonic Orchestra
00:00 / 09:50

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for Orchestra

(Duration: 20 min.)

Orchestral arrangement commissioned by Neal Gittleman for Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, who gave the work its premier in May, 2016


Originally commissioned by Ray Sullivan for Miami Contemporary Dance Company, and performed by Kevin Keller Ensemble



About "Not In My Name":

"When Ray Sullivan (Miami Contemporary Dance Company) first approached me with his idea for a work about holy war and acts of man done in the name of God, I was immediately inspired.  With my own interest in the early Christian and Islamic faiths, I was excited about the opportunity to explore these ideas and express them through music.

Ray spent several weeks visiting ancient churches and monasteries in Europe, and the religious icons and images he saw there would later inspire his choreography.  In the meantime, I researched medieval art and history, putting myself into the mindset of someone living during that time.  The music just came flowing out once we started working on the piece, inspiring new forms of expression."

- Kevin Keller, composer

"Not In My Name" is published by Kevin Keller Productions LLC, and is available for performance throughout the United States.

Please contact the composer at kevin [at]

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