• Kevin Keller

Scores Feared Dead as Armed Composers "Work to Maintain 100% Ownership" of Music Catalogs

December 27, 2021 - LOS ANGELES

Negotiations broke down early this morning between authorities and an armed group of film, TV, and media composers who had barricaded themselves within the offices of Paramount Studios and taken hostages overnight.

After hours of tense back-and-forth, the line of communication was abruptly cut by a member inside the offices. This was followed by a loud explosion that ripped through the complex. It is not known if there were any injuries from the explosion.

The armed group cited a recent posting on their private Facebook page, in which a member encouraged composers to maintain 100% ownership of their music catalogs "by whatever means necessary", as justification for their actions.

The original social media post was uploaded on December 22 to the private group PERSPECTIVE, a forum for film, TV, and media composers. Within days, the post had garnered over 140 comments, with some members calling the advice "Impossible". Others, however, took the remarks at face value and quickly assembled at the Paramount Offices on Sunday afternoon, December 26, demanding 100% ownership of their music catalogs and ultimately taking several people hostage.

The author of the original post could not be reached for comment, and his whereabouts are unknown.

This is a developing story. Updates will be provided as more is learned about the situation.

Disclaimer: The contents on this article are purely fictional and intended to be humorous and satirical. Readers are advised not to confuse them with real incidents.

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