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For Your Grammy® Consideration


Best New Age, Ambient, or Chant Album


Marrying the medieval chant of Hildegard of Bingen with contemporary strings and synthesizers, Kevin Keller's "Evensong" takes the listener on the journey of a lifetime: starting with conception and birth, moving to the playful innocence of early childhood, followed by growing up, the uncertainties and struggles of adulthood, the peace that comes in old age, the transition of death - and the mystery of what comes after.

Album Credits:

Artist, Composer, and Producer: Kevin Keller

Recording Engineer: Robert L. Smith

Assistant Engineers: Sam Stein and Deeba Montazeri

Mastering Engineer: Chris Frasco at Master Frasco Audio Lab, Nashville, TN

Recorded at Reservoir Studios, New York, NY


Danya Katok, Katherine Wessinger, Wendy Baker, and Elisa Singer Strom: sopranos

Sarah Zun: violin

Angela Pickett: viola

Laura Metcalf: cello


"Music from the heavens...Kevin Keller's "Evensong" is a transcendent experience."     -John Diliberto/Echoes

Kevin Keller is an American composer who has worked in the spaces between neo-classical, ambient, and electronic music for over 30 years. Combining acoustic piano, strings, and woodwinds with electronic instruments and effects, his style has come to be called ambient chamber music.


Keller has released 14 albums, worked with musicians David Darling and Russel Walder, and co-produced live concerts with Steve Roach and Robert Rich. His music has been awarded two Zonies (ZMR Awards) for “Best Neo-Classical Album”, and has also been heard on the popular Fox show “So You Think You Can Dance”, as well as original scores for film, television, and contemporary dance.

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