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Day 28: We did it!

This morning I put the finishing touches on Day 26, and gave it the title "Bridges". With that, the album is now complete. For your listening pleasure, here is the full playlist:

This 28-day creative journey has been unlike any other in my career. For starters, I didn't have any preconceptions about what the music would sound like. I also didn't have any "story" or theme to guide me. The importance of this cannot be understated. I was finally able to break free of the notion that my music should be about something. Instead, I was guided by sounds and feelings, with a lot of creative input from you.

From the very beginning, your suggestions were the signposts. "Human voice, harmonically shifting" - "something outside your comfort zone" - "danger". Those were the words I took with me as I started out on Day 1. As I kept writing new music and sharing it, you've also given feedback on transitions, and the ways that the different pieces related to each other.

When I got lost on Day 15, you encouraged me to work through it, and suggested ways to get past a supposed "dead end". From there, the second half of the album took shape, and took me to sonic places I've never visited before.

I hope that you've enjoyed this process as much as I have, and that you enjoy the resulting album.

From here, the next step is to get these tracks ready for final mastering, while also getting the cover art done (along with the album title, which I'm keeping a secret until the release). I'm even considering a limited edition vinyl release - what do you think? As these things go, with the amount of time needed to implement a marketing plan (including potential music video production), the album will be commercially released in late summer or early fall (i.e. September/October).

Thank you very much for coming along with me. I wish you a happy and healthy 2021.


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Mar 01, 2021

Thank you for creating beautiful music. Thanks for sharing. It was a memorable month.


Feb 28, 2021

What a great journey, Kevin! I'd be in favor of a vinyl pressing IF the source were of higher resolution than Redbook CD (1.44) quality (I realize an analog source is not possible). Sorry to be an audiophile geek here :-)

Kevin Keller
Feb 28, 2021
Replying to

Thanks, Bart. In this case, the source master is 48K, which would be better than CD quality.

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