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New Album now in the works

Image by Don Farrall
Going deep into the creative process

After a few months of experimentation and exploration, the time has finally come for me to begin work on the next album in earnest.

I've been playing with Moog and Juno-106 sounds, combining them with the sounds of church organ, strings, and voices, and have even incorporated some plainchant by the Medieval mystic Hildegard von Bingen. The results have been inspiring, and if you're a VIP Club member, you already have an exclusive demo of the music now in progress.

Now that I've chosen a release date for early Fall 2023, working backwards from that date gives me about 7 months in which to compose all the music so that I have enough time to record, mix, and master it for final release.

I'll be sharing my progress here on this blog, with audio samples, and as always, I welcome your feedback on things as they develop. Thanks for your ongoing support!

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