Ice Worlds Cover (Full Size).jpg

"An epic alien abduction dreamscape... like "Nutcracker meets The X-Files."  

-Chris F./Nashville, TN

Kevin Keller's first few albums were heavy on the synthesizers, but much of his recent music has been "acoustic," even orchestral in one case. "Ice Worlds" is something of a throwback, then, to his beginnings.


Made entirely with a vast array of synthesizers and samplers, "Ice Worlds" casts Keller in the role of a more melodic Klaus Schulze, the cool sheen of his keyboard timbres reflecting a snowy landscape. Vintage gear abounds (Moog, ARP, Roland), with even an Olympia typewriter and a Bissell vacuum cleaner listed among the album’s instruments, leading one to describe this music as not merely “electronic”, but more aptly, electric

Performed and produced by Kevin Keller