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Ice Worlds Cover (Full Size).jpg

"An epic alien abduction dreamscape... like "Nutcracker meets The X-Files."  

-Chris F./Nashville, TN

Interview Podcast

Performed and produced by Kevin Keller

Kevin Keller's first few albums were heavy on the synthesizers, but much of his recent music has been "acoustic," even orchestral in one case. "Ice Worlds" is something of a throwback, then, to his beginnings.


Made entirely with a vast array of synthesizers and samplers, "Ice Worlds" casts Keller in the role of a more melodic Klaus Schulze, the cool sheen of his keyboard timbres reflecting a snowy landscape. Vintage gear abounds (Moog, ARP, Roland), with even an Olympia typewriter and a Bissell vacuum cleaner listed among the album’s instruments, leading one to describe this music as not merely “electronic”, but more aptly, electric

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