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LA STRADA (2015)


"Unconventional and fearless... Keller's special talent is conveying depth of feeling without alienating the fan who simply enjoys good music. It's a tightrope that not many others would even attempt, but Keller makes it look easy." 

-Bill Binkelman/Wind and Wire

Featuring the Salomé Chamber Orchestra

Produced by Russel Walder and Kevin Keller with Robert L. Smith

"The best experiences in life come from stepping outside the familiar, and doing something unexpected," says composer Kevin Keller.  For "La Strada", Keller chose scenes from classic films like "Blade Runner", "2001: A Space Odyssey" and "The Tree of Life", and composed new scores for them.  By immersing himself in the visually and emotionally compelling worlds of great filmmakers like Ridley Scott, Stanley Kubrick, and Terrence Malick, he was able to take his music farther and deeper than ever before.


"La Strada" tells the musical story of a life lived to the fullest, by stepping outside the familiar, doing something unexpected, and discovering new worlds.

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