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"Keller translates grey foreboding skies and the advent of cold, frosty nights into music. The sound is ominous, candid... and sophisticated. These are romantic night songs - classically inspired piano pieces - musical memories for all to enjoy."

-RJ Lannan/ZMR

Performed by Kevin Keller, piano and treatments

*with Clarice Jensen, cello

Recorded at Inwood Hill Studio, New York, NY

Taking his cues from Debussy and Chopin, composer Kevin Keller filters Impressionist- and Romantic-infused melodies through modern electronics to create beautifully lush and decidedly contemporary music for the piano on "Nocturnes".


The ten nocturnes were inspired by the work of San Francisco photographer Seth Dickerman, whose "metamorphic landscapes" were created in moonlight or under low-light conditions, capturing surreal images that were only revealed once he returned to the darkroom. Mirroring this creative process, Keller recorded improvisations at the piano and then "treated" them in his studio, using digital effects to change the sound of the piano into waves, wind, and clouds.

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