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"It only takes a moment to recognize the genius of Kevin Keller, and to hear the subtle threads that he weaves through each of his albums."

-RJ Lannan/ZMR

Performed by the Kevin Keller Ensemble

Produced by Russel Walder

"The Day I Met Myself" unfolds like a film score, taking you on an emotional and psychological journey through lost memories and moments of wonder; then, emerging out of darkness to an incredible, expansive view. Keller's piano is the main voice in the story, pulling you along with melodic twists and turns while strings and woodwinds create a lush, cascading world through which the piano travels. The music is surreal and deeply emotional.


For this album, Keller teamed up with renowned producer Russel Walder to push the creative envelope and take his music further. About working with Walder, Keller says "I think what makes our collaboration so perfect is that, even though our individual musical styles differ, there is something very similar in our approach to the music."

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