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Day 1: The storm has arrived

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

And so it begins.

There were a couple suggestions to explore the human voice, and another one urging me to stay away from anything "safe or soothing". With those ideas, I sat down in my studio and started working with organic vocal sounds. I wanted to create something gritty, dusty, and unclear. Once those textures began coming together, I started building the track, eventually adding a simple piano line (which had also been suggested).

The goal for today was to creating an "opening", like the first shot of a film. An establishing shot. And then, out of the mist, the very beginnings of something fuzzy and analog. This is where the Moog Grandmother came into the mix.

After about 6 hours of careful sculpting of the sound, I'm satisfied with the first 2:45 of this track, and excited to hear where it goes over the next 2 minutes. That's where tomorrow's session will pick up.

<<Before we begin Day 2: Out of the fog>>

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