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Day 5: A new path

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

The rain washed away some of the snow today, signaling a new direction.

After 4 days of working on the same piece, I needed a fresh start. That first 10-minute piece is sitting pretty well today, and I'll be coming back to it soon to clean things up and develop the ending a bit more. But today, it was a new sound that led the way.

Keeping things entirely in the analog world right now, using the Juno-106 and the Moog to create these opening textures. Then, the upright piano enters, and finally - wait for it - a little bit of CR-78 drum machine.

It's only 2 minutes at the moment, and it seems like it takes that long just to "intro" this piece. From here, I'm feeling like a melodic solo of some kind would allow this music to really take off.

Your thoughts? (Please comment below)

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Feb 07, 2021

I very much like the way this section connects with MixB1. Then I very much like the continuous underpinning notes/chords that just carries the piece along seamlessly. Until at the end, all the music sort of falls off the radar (and this is okay) as some percussion appears and then ... what will be next?


Kyla Barkin
Kyla Barkin
Feb 05, 2021

It feels gently mysterious and softly lulls one to meditate on the texture


Feb 05, 2021

I really like the analog simplicity of the upright piano. I think this segment represent a nice pivot to a new direction for the piece.


Dianna Kessler
Feb 05, 2021

The first part is very contemplative, maybe even a little surreal for me- I feel a bit of melancholy in it like I am contemplating the cause of the melancholy. When the final drum beats come in, it made me think of shots in the background. Maybe, the starting place for m contemplation. Maybe a war experience or something like that in the background or the background of the contemplation. It definitely seems like a set-up or introduction for what is to come. You could go so any ways with this introduction. Looking forward to seeing where you take it. Also looking forward to hearing the finished product of the other piece.

Kevin Keller
Feb 26, 2021
Replying to

Hi Dianna. The other piece is done now. Please go to Day 25 to hear it. It's called "Shimmer" now.

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