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Day 5: A new path

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

The rain washed away some of the snow today, signaling a new direction.

After 4 days of working on the same piece, I needed a fresh start. That first 10-minute piece is sitting pretty well today, and I'll be coming back to it soon to clean things up and develop the ending a bit more. But today, it was a new sound that led the way.

Keeping things entirely in the analog world right now, using the Juno-106 and the Moog to create these opening textures. Then, the upright piano enters, and finally - wait for it - a little bit of CR-78 drum machine.

It's only 2 minutes at the moment, and it seems like it takes that long just to "intro" this piece. From here, I'm feeling like a melodic solo of some kind would allow this music to really take off.

Your thoughts? (Please comment below)

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