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"Keller's swirling clouds of electronic tone share the spotlight with Eric Stein's stately cello lines. The synthesizer choir and strings lean more toward symphonic composition than ambient techno, and the cello work has the same seriousness and lack of repetition. Highlight: the filter-swept scraping drones in the background."

-Keyboard Magazine

Performed by Eric Stein (cello)

and Kevin Keller (keyboards and electronics)

Going deep into the realms of classical and ambient music, composer Kevin Keller has created Intermezzo, a suite for cello and electronics that rediscovers the musical world first explored by Klaus Schulze in the late 1970's.


Together with engineer Howard Johnston, well known for his work with the Kronos Quartet and Brian Eno, Keller has captured the passionate and lyrical performance of cellist Eric Stein, in whose hands the music is transformed into a journey full of both sadness and joy.


Intermezzo is music for deep listening, from the first notes of prelude's gothic choir (on "The Black Cottage") to the last lingering piano chords of "Acquainted with the Night".

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