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Pendulum Cover.jpg

"Pendulum" is Keller's most fully realized opus to date, with six tracks gradually unfolding into meticulously conceived and executed soundscapes." 


-Derk Richardson/SF Bay Guardian

Performed by Kevin Keller (piano, keyboards, chanting)

with David Darling (cello) and Jeff Pearce (ambient guitar)

"Easily viewed as one continuous piece, Pendulum is a well thought-out smooth sonic journey. Kevin Keller's well-crafted synth timbres are predominant throughout the CD, but they share the space nicely with David Darling's reverberant cello, Jeff Pearce's guitar loops and Bruna Lamy's infinite whispers. The overall mood of the album is that of vastness, with Keller's well-placed, ever evolving rhythms transporting the listener through it."

-Chuck van Zyl/Star's End

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