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Day 10: Where to next?

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

I tried so hard today. Really.

Even with such overwhelming support (8-1) to keep going with yesterday’s music, I just couldn’t find a way through that felt compelling. For some reason, this newest track is not working for me. It’s just that I find the harmonic progression to be uninspiring. I like what I’ve done with it, from a sonic perspective, but it just doesn’t measure up to the other two tracks. It doesn’t feel right to me. Maybe the transition at the 3-minute mark needs more work. Maybe I need to take it somewhere else. Right now, I'm not feeling motivated, so I’m going to leave this track for now, and move on to something new tomorrow.

What I really like about the first two tracks is that they feel very real and authentic. There is a real depth to those tracks, and the combination of sounds is unique and engaging. This newest track, by contrast, is missing the authenticity and the depth, and it just comes off as beautiful but empty. It’s missing that intensity that the other two tracks have. So, time for a detour.

What would you like to hear on the next track? Is there a sound or an emotion you'd like me explore?

Please answer in the comments below. Thank you!

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