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Day 9: Time for a vote

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Many of my listeners are also musicians themselves. When I sent out the invitations to take part in this challenge, someone offered to send me actual music to work with. This was such a welcome surprise, since I don't often get the chance to collaborate with other artists.

Today, having no clear sense of where to go next, I took them up on their offer and started working with some beautiful textures that were emailed to me. The result was this somewhat sad and dark interlude.

I'm left slightly perplexed by this. On the one hand, this track is quite beautiful and emotional. On the other hand, it sounds very cliché and predictable, which is something I promised to avoid.

My big question (which I ask for your help in answering) is "Is this something worth exploring further?" Or should I take a detour now and move on to something else tomorrow?

Please cast your vote in the comments below. Thanks!

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