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Day 8: A dramatic vista

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Getting back into the music that I started on Day 5, the first order of business was finding the right sonic environment. This took the whole morning: rhythm programming, sound design, and sequencing. By lunchtime, I had a very strong bed going, and went outside for a walk in Central Park. The North Meadow is covered in snow today, which looks quite dramatic.

With this view still lingering in my mind, I came back to the studio and began building the piano part. This ended up being very challenging, and I recorded 5 takes before finding an approach with enough breath and space.

How does this music feel to you? Any images or emotions conjured up by it? (Please comment below).

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Feb 09, 2021

This is my favorite of everything so far.


Feb 09, 2021

Mix 5: 1:46 percussion kicks in. If Mix5 is planned to follow MixB1, my preference would be for Mix5 to start out loud, say by starting at 1:46 of Mix5. Then I would like for section 2 to be high volume entirely, as an alternative to a meditative-bold-meditative for section 2. Just my thoughts. I may have too much symphonic classical music in my head (Mahler, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, etc.) , although I listen to Hearts of Space more than WQXR for the last couple of years.


Feb 09, 2021

I put this segment on repeat during my workout today, which involved a lot of stretching and Yoga-type moves. I found the crescendo quite energizing. This segment seems a worthy successor to to others in its send of peace and profound.

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