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Day 7: First Weekend Update

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

I'm taking the day off to relax and recuperate, and am feeling much better.

Earlier today, I listened to everything that I've created this week (14 minutes of new music) and made some notes.

There are a few things to be cleaned up and improved on the first track (currently called "Day Four"), but overall I think it works very well. Just a couple places where I think the momentum gets lost, or it becomes a little too repetitive. If there is time this coming week, I'd like to tackle those areas and get this track totally finished. For now, here's what I have so far. Your comments are still very much welcome.

The next track (currently called "Day Five") is a good start, but I feel like the sound design needs a lot work and revision. Right now, it's sounding a bit too generic, and not as good as it could sound. The reverb choices need to be more interesting and less expected, and the rhythm track needs development. I really feel like once I have the correct sonic environment set up, this track will just flow out in one take. Here's what I have right now, heading into tomorrow.

Yesterday's mbira diversion was pleasant, but it doesn't fit the vibe for this album. I'm going for something dirty, gritty, and analog for this new music, rather than clean and digital. I want this album to sound very handmade.

So, we begin tomorrow with a dive into the sound design and the overall vibe of "Day Five", and I look forward to sharing its next iteration as "Day Eight" once it's ready. Thank you to everyone who is listening and commenting. I truly appreciate your feedback, your honesty, your encouragement, and your creativity. Cheers!

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1 Comment

Feb 08, 2021

Regarding “Day Four”

1. I agree “it becomes a little too repetitive”.

2. around 7:30 the spell that has been cast is gone for me and I can’t relate for the next couple of minutes, this lasts right up until 9:15 when Day Four ends very nicely for my liking.

I agree the mbira “doesn't fit the vibe for this album”.

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