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Day 16: Into the river

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

I awoke this morning to some very encouraging and inspiring advice from several listeners, and felt very fortunate to have such supportive companions on this creative journey.

I pulled an Oblique Strategy card, this one containing just a single word: "Water"

And that was all I needed to dive into today's music. I thought about water's role in my life, and this brought me back to the American River in Sacramento where I grew up. (I haven't been there in quite a while, as a result of the pandemic travel restrictions.) Back when I was in high school and college, that river was a big part of my life. I jotted down some words in my journal: still, flowing, rushing, crashing, waves, ripples.

With that, I turned on my Moog and began programming a new sound. It took a couple hours, really, before I had something that really sounded right to my ears. But once I had it, the rest of the music just flowed.

I'm imagining this track as being another longer trip (10 minutes), so that I can really stretch out and develop these sounds and ideas. I imagine following the river as it snakes through the woods and valleys, until it reaches the delta, and then on out to the ocean.

Please share your thoughts and impressions of what I've created so far, as well as your own ideas about where the music might go. What would you like to hear next?

(Please comment below. Thank you!)

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2 commentaires

17 févr. 2021

Argh. It was over way too soon. I was ready to listen a whole lot longer (with my eyes closed, therefore I wasn’t watching the dashboard[?]) and the track ended. I like the track very much. So after writing the preceding four sentences I went back to finish your notes “after” the track appeared and you say that you are planning for this to be “another longer trip (10 minutes)”. That certainly is consistent with my hopes.

Where the music might go… Well, I liked the vocals on your one track a great deal. How about a vocal duet on the lines of the “Flower Duet” by Delibes. Uplifting. But now, electronic.


Kyla Barkin
Kyla Barkin
16 févr. 2021

I think more build into a big contrasting shift.

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