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Day 17: Slow as you go

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Yesterday's music got me real excited to get started this morning. I felt sure that it would be another great day of productive work. Turns out, my confidence was misplaced.

The trick to a piece of music like this is... patience.

In order for the crescendo to work, you have to be very methodical and measured when it comes to adding new voices. Otherwise, you get "there" too quickly. The other thing I need to remind myself is that "simplicity" is absolutely key to the success of this music. This track is not going to work if all I keep doing is adding more sounds to the mix. On the contrary, I think this track will be most effective if I stick to my limits of 3 or 4 sounds, and build the emotion (rather than the arrangement).

Also, I felt like yesterday's track ended with too much of a "dance" feel, when what I really want is something more liquid and flowing. So, I replaced yesterday's beats with something more subtle and bubbly.

With so much time left in the month, I'm really going to slow down and savor this track, and work in small increments to really sculpt something worthy of this album.

What do you think? Any suggestions for tomorrow?

Please comment below. Thanks!

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Daniel Leafe
Daniel Leafe
Feb 18, 2021


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