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Day 19: Now taking requests

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Just for fun, I pulled an Oblique Strategy card this morning: "Retrace your steps", it read.

I took this as permission to go back over everything that I have so far, including an older track that I wrote last fall. I like this track very much, and it definitely fits in with the overall aesthetic of the album I'm currently creating.

This music was created with electric guitar, Serum synthesizer, and samples from the London Contemporary Orchestra (courtesy of Spitfire Audio). I think this track works beautifully as an intro to the track that I'm currently writing.

I'm also feeling like I need to take a day or two off, just to clear my mind and get ready for the final week of the Challenge. Another 7-10 minutes of music, and we'll be all set!

With that in mind, I'm taking requests: What would you like to hear for the final track(s) on this album? Is there a sound you'd like to hear (again, or for the first time)? An emotion that you'd like me to explore?

Please comment below. Thanks so much!

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Feb 20, 2021

I like the violin sound, but with all your special equipment I don’t know if that sound is the real thing or not, but is okay! I liked the way the violin(?) got louder at the end and then dropped off at 4:38 leaving about a minute left which wound down wonderfully.

The way you have your tracks set up in SoundCloud, I thought it went well with Day 18 following it (I think this is what you were saying in your blog.)

I would still like another track with vocals.

One other sound that I would be interested in is represented by bells, bowls and gongs. Perhaps not coincidentally, this is what is featured on Hearts of Space this…

Kevin Keller
Feb 23, 2021
Replying to

Thanks, John. I'm not familiar with that book. I'll have to check it out.


Daniel Leafe
Daniel Leafe
Feb 20, 2021

That's great!


Feb 20, 2021


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