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Day 23: Where the river ends

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Today's session brings us to the end of the "river/water" track that I've been working on since last week. As per usual, the piece ended in an unexpected way. I'm not totally certain that this piece is finished, but I'm going to leave it alone for now.

At this point, the RPM Challenge has been officially completed. That is, we now have more than the required 35 minutes of music (38 minutes, to be exact). I'll admit that I was thinking about just spending the rest of the month cleaning up the tracks that I have. But I think I was just tired, and needed a break.

After stepping outside for a long walk, during which I listened to the whole album, I enjoyed the music so much that I wanted to hear more! The album feels too short right now, even though it meets the RPM criteria. Also, with so many of you coming along with me on this ride, it would be a shame to stop now and just do "housekeeping".

So, I've decided to keep writing. With 5 days left, I figure I can create another 10 minutes of music, and this would bring the album to a more respectable 48 minutes. The first half of the album features a lot of piano, and I feel like this has been missing from the last couple tracks.

Tomorrow, I'll be starting a new track - one that is more focused on the piano. Until then, here is the current album playlist for your enjoyment.

As always, if you have any thoughts or suggestions about where to go next, please share them below. Thank you!

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