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Day 24: Determination

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

One of you recently shared a list of feelings and action words that you hoped to hear on this album (thank you for that). From that list, I chose "determination" as my inspiration for today's music.

This track also became a response to Day 12 (the proposed opening of the album); sort of a mirror image of that track. It uses the same palette of sounds, but it feels more like nighttime to me (whereas Day 12 sounds like early morning). While the progression of Day 12 was ascending, the progression of Day 24 is descending. They both sound like "driving music" to me.

This track feels like the opening of the second half of the album, bringing us into the more subdued mood of Day 23 and Day 10.

As for where this track wants to go next, I've been toying with the idea of a surprise transition, like entering a tunnel. The other night I was having fun with my Moog, and created this track as an homage to Richard Wright (Pink Floyd) and his track "On The Run" from "Dark Side of the Moon".

While this mix doesn't quite work within the context of Day 24, I feel like it can be re-worked to function as a middle section.

What do you think? Too weird? Or just weird enough?

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